Shellac and Gelish Nails

The latest and most groundbreaking innovation, new Shellac and Gelish range, a hybrid between traditional nail polish and gel that dries underneath a UV lamp, doesn't smell, and will stay on your nails for 14 days without chipping or smudging. Plus: it can be removed in ten minutes and doesn't damage your nails.


Why choose Shellac/Gelish?

Manicure or pedicure with colour/French£35 (After 6pm £42)60mins
Colour/French£28 (After 6pm £33.50)40mins
Removal and tidy (we charge if your not having a new set)£10 (After 6pm £12)20mins
Removal, tidy and colour/French£30 (After 6pm £36)45mins

Shellac package- hands and toes colour/French

(Includes nail prep on hands and speedy pedicure)


£60 (After 6pm £72)